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“Just received my order which I placed Wednesday afternoon. I absolutely love it!!! Amazing idea & well created. My kids are going to want to earn lots of rewards to pop £1 coins in the tree. A fun way of saving, and a good lesson in handling money!!”

Rachel in Barnsley

“So it’s almost 3 weeks since we bought our money tree… already we have £16 towards our family treat. We told the girls today that if they put £1 each in every week, we will double it! So we had a fun time trying to get them to work out how much we would earn per week and, more importantly, how many weeks to get to our £100! Have put it in the kitchen so they don’t forget!”

Jean in Harrogate

“I think your money trees are fabulous as so many children these days do not know the value of money. It is teaching my children how to save and showing them how they can be rewarded once they have saved a good amount. I recommend your product to a lot of people.”

Charlotte in York

“We love the tree, the boys are using it to save for their Butlins holiday instead of spending money on sweets.”

Laura in Dorset


Gill Fielding from the Secret Millionaire on Channel 4
Financial expert, founder of the charity Money Mums and author of a new book Solving The Financial Success Puzzle.

“All young children start off liking money, the shape, the feel, the brightness, after all it’s just like treasure. So the best way to engage them with money is to keep that magic alive as long as you can.”

How can a simple money box be so stupendously useful?

These days, credit cards, online and contactless payments have made money more virtual than real. Kids don’t know the value of money because we can no longer SEE real money grow. Let’s help build better financial resilience.

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